Multifunctional indoor swimming pool dehumidifier

Heating, cooling & dehumidification


Dehumidification capacity up to 180kg/h

ERV core reduce outdoor air load up to 80%

Multiple protection, safe and reliable

Saving 70% of energy costs

Full comfort for pool environments

Eco friendly R407c refrigerant

Fully automatic-SNT touch panel controller

Hot-galvanized steel cabinet


Alto swimming pool dehumidifier supply all solutions to indoor swimming pools, which including following functions:

♦  Dehumidification: Reduce the high moisture from pool room air

♦  Air heating: Increase the pool room air in the cold winter

♦  Air conditioning: Supply the air conditioning during the hot summer

♦  Pool water heating: Keep the pool water temperature in 365 days

♦  Energy recovery fresh air ventilation: Recover energy from exhaust air to inlet fresh air

♦  Air quality control with COsensor & PM2.5: Detect room air quality level and bring in fresh air to improve it

♦  Auxiliary air heating: Supply more heating capacity from other heat source, like the boiler, steam, and electric heater

Three operation modes are able to be selected by Automatic and by Manual.

Dehumidification + Pool water heating (+Energy recovery fresh air ventilation*)

Dehumidification + Room air heating (+Energy recovery fresh air ventilation*)

Dehumidification + Room air conditioning (+Energy recovery fresh air ventilation*)
(Note: * is optional function according to actual climate requirement)

Alto dehumidifier is equipped with latest smart DDC microprocessor controller which is considered by many to be a more modern, granular and responsive update to older HVAC control systems based upon PLC technologies. Alto DDC controller is mated with a specially developed software package that graphically allows operators to monitor, control, alarm and diagnose equipment remotely. It helps the users to monitor and control the swimming pool room air humidity level, air temperature and pool water temperature etc. from anywhere accessible through the internet.

Users and service engineer can use the computer and mobile phone to login the DDC controller to get the quick analysis of pool information and make the faster processing of critical pool conditions. It ensures our dehumidifier optimal performance, energy efficiency, reliability and convenient service.

♦  7 inch TFT sophisticated touch screen

♦  ARM Cortex-0 microprocessor-STM32F103VCT

♦  Analog input 10 & output 4

♦  Digital input 16 & output 16

♦  2 communication port of RS485

♦  -20~70℃ wide range operation well

♦  24/7 internet monitoring and control

♦  Browser-based and smart phone access and control

♦  Robust online reporting of real-time performance data

♦  Factory supervised service and diagnose support via Internet

♦  Best Compressors of Danfoss, Panasonic & Copeland

♦  Best electric parts of Siemens,Schneider, Fuji & ABB

♦  Efficient blue hydrophilic evaporator & condenser

♦  Durable Titanium water heat exchangers

♦  Danfoss and Emerson TX valve

♦  Sanhua four way vales

♦  American AMCA certified centrifugal fans

♦  Siemens IP55 low voltage Fan motors

♦  Antibacterial efficiency filter

♦  Colorful insulation galvanized panels

♦  Aluminum ventilation valve

C-Series Specification

*Test standard: Dry bulb temperature of 30°C, relative humidity of 80RH%.

**All specification subject to change without notice.