C-Series(Multifunctional Dehumidification System) in Wuhan Continuous Care Retirement Community

The indoor swimming pool is one of the best recreation, exercise and entertainment place for the whole year round, no matter and season change or climate change . But the air and water temperatures along with humidity are especially difficult to balance, and improper control would result in harsh environments, which would not only result in damage the on the buildings and structures, but also cause the occupant discomfort. So it requires a large capacity dehumidification to control condensate formation from pool water evaporation and the fresh air ventilation to meet safe building requirements, at the same time recycles the energy to heat the pool waters temperature and air temperature.

Alto swimming pool dehumidifier is specially designed to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable pool environment while minimizing operating costs and delivering the best possible air quality. It is not only able to offer the large dehumidification capacity to remove the unwanted moisture within a pool facility, but also supply the space air heating, air conditioning, pool water heating and energy recovery fresh air ventilation.

Alto swimming pool dehumidifier recycles the heat recovered during the dehumidification process using it to heat the enclosure space and pool water, resulting in dramatically lower energy costs, which representing the most capable and economic indoor pool environmental control system today. Most of the users report a full payback within two years of installation.