C-600(Multifunctional Dehumidification System) in Chendu

Alto Multifunctional Dehumidfication Systems maintain a delicate balance of humidity control and manage air and water temperatures for maximum confort at the lowest cost, which use refrigeration technology to dehumidity the space and recycle the watste energy to heat both the air and pool water. They are available in many sizes and configurations for large athletic pools, natatouriums in schools and universities, commercial pools, hotel leisure pools, aquatic centers and water parks.

It is a complete dehumidification system taking advantage of the naturanlly dry outdoor air to control humidity and ventilate the facility while reducing the cost of operation. It can extract the latent heat from the dehumidification to heat the air and pool water, returning five units of heat energy for every unit energy it consumed, which has a recorded savings from 40% to 60% over the conventional outside air dilution systems.