Stand-alone indoor swimming pool dehumidifier

Increased Comfort

Reliable dehumidification capacity

Innovative elegant plastic cabinet design

Energy saving and ecological operation

Easy use intelligent automated control panel

Three types of installation: wall mount, floor mount and wheel mount.

Alto dehumidifier is specifically designed to continuously remove excess humidity from the air and recover energy

from it which is then be use to air heating. It will help you appreciate comfortable humidity and ensure the good

preservation of the building.

Alto swimming pool dehumidifier supply all solutions to indoor swimming pools, which including following functions:

♦  Dehumidification: Reduce the high moisture from pool room air

♦  Indoor room air heating: Increase the pool room air in the cold winter

♦  LPHW air heating (optional): Provide pool room air heating with connecting a boiler

♦  Very quiet rotary conpressor

♦  Innovative elegant plastic cabinet design

♦  Efficient blue hydrophilic evaporator & condenser

♦  High quality staninless steel structure

♦  Waterproof control system and remote controller

D-Series Specification

* Test Condition: Dry ball temperature of 30°C, relative humidity of 80 RH%.

* All specification subject to change without notice